Hemp & Bamboo Make-up Wipes - Hemp Horizon
Hemp & Bamboo Make-up Wipes - Hemp Horizon
Hemp Horizon

Hemp & Bamboo Make-up Wipes

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Made of hemp and bamboo fleece and terry, these reusable makeup removal wipes are gentle on the skin and eliminate the need for disposable wipes.

Effective for removing all types of makeup, lipstick and mascara, they can also be used for minor wound care, face washing, as ultra-light breast pads or other delicate tasks!

There are 8 or 14 wipes in a pack,  Made from 55% hemp and 30% Bamboo and 15% certified organic cotton, or 55% Hemp terry, these wipes are a great alternative.

Everything is handmade with organic Hemp fabric, eco-friendly and very sustainable. They are also, of course, an economical and environmental choice!

Make a difference to the planet today, 

Use your free hemp organic cotton wash bag to machine wash and re-use for the next week !

Recommended is the Eco Nut Wash for the environmentally friendly washing detergent, 

 100% organic 100% Vegan 100% sustainable