Our Mission

We have the most beautiful planet in the known galaxy and yet, we dont take care of it, we need to work together to make a difference everyday.

Sustainable Hemp fashion

Hemp Horizon eco-friendly vegan fashion will become the most comfortable clothes you own, and the ones you will always want to wear.

We have a zero waste product policy - conserving wildlife is at the heart of our mission - and of all the sustainable sources for consumer products, hemp is uniquely suited to provide the widest variety of life's necessities and comforts. In this way, hemp is nature's gift to humanity. The miracle plant !

Today Hemp is blended with silk, organic cotton, bamboo and other fibres to create elegant and comfortable fabrics. From the original design to the finished garment, We have complete control over the quality and finish and as a result, every piece of clothing arrives to you with our Emerald seal of approval.

All deep-seated ideas and desires start with an inspired moment

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We can help you make this difference. Sending love and light.