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Sustainable Hemp fashion 

Hemp Horizon sustainable fashion will become the most comfortable clothes you own, and the ones you will always want to wear.

Hemp fashion is more diverse and exciting today than it has ever been. So many fantastic styles through the decades have influenced innovation and creativity, providing our designers with fantastic resources to draw from. Our handmade, high-end garments are all made using sustainable natural fabrics, which forms the essence of our NEW luxury fashion brand. See our designs on our Instagram page

All deep-seated ideas and desires start with an inspired moment

Karen’s love affair with Hemp began many years ago when she was commissioned to design a contemporary Hemp Brand for Paranoid Productions. However, Hemp fabrics forty years ago were crude, and didn’t have the refinement today’s mills can produce. Now blended with fine silks and other organic yarns, Hemp is soft yet durable; the perfect choice for high quality, comfortable garments. These are clothes that look great, feel good, and last for years.

Hemp is one of the most advanced plant families that exists on our fragile planet. It is an abundant crop, which we derive numerous benefits from. Hemp has the capacity to use the sun’s energy more efficiently than any other plant, so it grows quickly and is more readily replenishable – making it the perfect crop to harvest!

Today Hemp is blended with silk, organic cotton, bamboo and other fibres to create elegant and comfortable fabrics. From the original design to the finished garment, we do it all. We have complete control over the quality and finish, employing highly skilled pattern cutters and seamstresses to make everything at our UK factory. As a result, every piece of clothing arrives to you with our gold standard Emerald seal of approval.

For Men

Watch out for some Hemp apparel for guys, such as 100% Hemp T-shirts and Hemp and organic cotton shorts, perfect to lounge around in on those long summer days.

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