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Hemp Crop Top - Hemp Horizon
Hemp Crop Top - Hemp Horizon
Hemp Crop Top - Hemp Horizon

Hemp Crop Top

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A natural hemp designer crop top, Eco print in cool sparkly gold heart.

A fabulous creation in a soft hemp and organic cotton jersey.  Hand made in our studio in England using the finest hemp jersey knitted fabrics.

This stylish top is finished with a hand designed “Love Hemp”  Eco printed piece of original artwork. Let everyone know you are wearing a sustainable clothing brand that makes you look great and helps the survival or our Planet. To go with the hemp designer crop top we have created a pair of luxurious hemp silk shorts.

All our yarns and fabrics are Organic content certified.

We do this whilst being mindful of the materials and processes we use. In this way we aim to help protect our fragile planets Eco system and enrich the fashion sector.

Join the new clothing revolution and embrace the revival of hemp and all its great properties.

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“Awareness is Key”.

Hemp Crop Top - Hemp Horizon